RightEye partners with Tobii on EyeQ vision tests to detect brain injury and Parkinsons

Health tech company RightEye is debuting its new EyeQ vision tests at CES this week. Its cloud-based software is platform agnostic and can be used with any type of eye-tracking technology. However, it also partnered with Tobii to develop dedicated EyeQ hardware with tracking baked in.
The six EyeQ tests each have specialized parameters, some of which analyze users for early signs of Parkinson’s disease or symptoms of autism. Others test for general brain health or for sports performance indicators.
Aside from health and sports applications, the EyeQ tests can also analyze users’ eye movements when they read, generating a report on details such as the user’s speed and accuracy. Along with the tests, RightEye also has vision training experiences centered around gaze-based mechanics. In one, the player is tasked with protecting a planet from asteroid collisions. They target and destroy enemies by looking at them.
Tobii specializes in developing eye-tracking technology with a range of applications from manufacturing safety to video games. Its EyeQ device is designed to be an easy setup for healthcare providers or sports coaches who want to give the vision tests a try. The software is available with a yearly subscription that ranges from $2,500 to $5,000, and the hardware will cost from $5,000 to $10,000.