Request for $8 billion over 5 years would just be to set up the Space Force

President Trump will request that Congress set aside $8 billion over the next five years to fund the creation of the Department of the Space Force, which will oversee Space Force and the commercial exploration of space by private companies. The Space Force will be part of the Air Force the way the marines are part of the Navy.
The $8 billion would just be to organize the bureaucracy and setup some buildings and centralize the staffing.
The bigger money will be when the lobbying for space military and surveillance gets centralized. The existing US spending on space will then rise from the $70 billion per year that is spread out to grow. 
The US will establish space-based interceptors and sensors, because those are the only systems that can address hypersonic weapons and ICBMs while they are on the ground or just as they launch and are more vulnerable.