Predicting technology in 2013: Rise of the machines?

More cloud computing, services and storage. More mobile devices with more apps, more games, more browsing, more shopping and more sharing with our "friends" on social media. All of which increases the demand for bandwidth, faster speed and universal coverage.
And with the marketing muscle of big corporations in support, countless millions of machines (from simple sensors to jet engines) will join the digital conversation, building the internet of everything, delivering an accelerating flow of data and the consequent demand for advanced analytics.
Business leaders will demand "more innovation" in pursuit of growth, whilst personal technology accelerates away from mundane enterprise applications at an ever increasing pace.
As individuals, our everyday actions are increasingly guided by search results, voice activated assistants and the recommendations from our "friends" on social media. We live in innocence (or is it ignorance?) with scarcely a thought for how the answers are determined, as our personal involvement in decision making is steadily eroded.