Online protests after Chinese Twitter user arrested

Zhai Xiaobing, who is being linked to Twitter name @Stariver, was stopped by police days before the new Chinese leaders were confirmed on 15 November. In a tweet, the account compared the Communist Party 18th National Congress to horror film Final Destination.
In it, characters at first escape death but still end up dying one by one. The tweet, posted on 4 November, read, as translated from Chinese: "#SpoilerTweet# #EnterAtYourPeril# Final Destination 6 to arrive soon.
"The Great Hall of the People suddenly collapses, only seven of more than 2,000 people inside survive. "Later, one-by-one the survivors die in strange ways. Is it the game of God, or the Devil venting his wrath?
"What does the mysterious number 18 have to do with opening the gate to Hell? A shocking global premiere on 8 November!"
All the numbers mentioned in the tweet make reference to the leadership handover – the 18th Congress began at Beijing’s Great Hall of the People on 8 November, and the new leadership consists of seven members, one of whom is the newly appointed Communist Party chief Xi Jinping.