NextMind is building a real-time brain computer interface, unveils Dev Kit for $399

NextMind is developing a brain-computer interface that translates signals from the visual cortex into digital commands. We tried NextMind’s device, which lets you input commands into computers and AR/VR headsets with your visual attention. Eventually, the Paris-based startup wants to let you do the same with your visual imagination. We spoke with NextMind CEO Sid Kouider ahead of CES 2020, where his company is unveiling a dev kit shipping to select developers and partners this month for $399. After the early access period, a second limited run (waitlist) of dev kits will begin shipping in Q2 2020.

NextMind is part of a growing number of startups building noninvasive neural interfaces that rely on machine learning algorithms. In September 2019, Facebook acquired Ctrl-labs, which was developing an electromyography wristband that translates musculoneural signals into machine-interpretable commands. NextMind is also developing a noninvasive device, but it’s an electroencephalogram (EEG) worn on the back of your head, where your brain’s visual cortex is located.