Most Valuable Company Title Moved Between Amazon, Apple and Microsoft

The Most Valuable Company in the World title was with Microsoft on Friday. Over the weekend there a cease-fire in the Trade War between the USA and China. This gave more of a boost to Apple and Amazon on Monday. Amazon surged first past Microsoft.
Apple finished the trading day back on top as the Most Valuable Company in the World. However, the three companies are closing bunched together.
Nearly a Three-Way Tie for Most Valuable Company in the World
Apple is at $877 billion.

Amazon is at $866 billion.

Microsoft is at $860 billion.
A 2% swing can put Microsoft back on top. A little over 1% superior Amazon stock performance compared to Apple would put Amazon on top.
Apple moved up about 3.5% today and Amazon 4.9% and Microsoft 1.1%. Normal stock volatility will easily allow any one of the three to move into first place.
Alphabet (Google) is at 771 billion and would need to move up 15% better than the other three.