Most startups are spending money too fast. Slow it down.

If you’re seed-funded, you’re probably spending money too quickly.  I’m seeing it everywhere right now.  Take honest stock of where you are in your startup.  What  true risks do you face?  What are proven data points and what remains as a hypothesis? 
The traditional criteria for Series A funding is stable and significant month-over-month growth in traction and, for many of us, revenue.  If this isn’t you, you need time to get there.  The ideal time to raise your A round is when you have stable growth for at least 4 months.  You still need 2-3 months in ideal situations to do the raise and you never want to be signing documents on fumes or they’ll smell your desperation.  Combine all that with the fact that it’s difficult to raise in Nov/Dec and June/July.  Now work backwards, how much time do you actually need?  Are you spending money too fast?
I bet most of you have to answer yes.