Minecraft beats Black Ops on Xbox Live most played list

CoD games usually consistently dominate the top two spots of Xbox Live’s most popular games. But while Modern Warfare 3 still has a firm hold of the top spot, the second-place seat has been stolen by Mojang and their cult-turned-popular crafting hit.
The Xbox 360 Edition sold over a million copies in less than a week on sale, breaking all previous Xbox LIVE Arcade digital sales records in the process.
Here’s the list of Live’s most played games for the week of May 14:
1)Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
2)Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
3)Call of Duty: Black Ops
4)FIFA 12
5)Battlefield 3
6)Halo: Reach
7)Modern Warfare 2
8)NBA 2K12
10)Gears of War 3
12)Forza Motorsport 4
13)Max Payne 3
14)Trials Evolution
15)Mass Effect 3
17)Madden NFL 12
18)Halo 3
19)Red Dead Redemption
20)Saints Row: The Third