Millennials have a clear favorite when asked which tech company is their ‘ideal employer’

Millennials overwhelmingly want to work in tech more than any other sector. That’s according to a new report published Friday by Bank of America Merrill Lynch. It looked at trends specific to millennials. Nearly 20% of millennials say Google is their ideal employer.
Apple was named by 13% of millennials, and 9% listed Facebook as their ideal place to work. "Millennials’ career aspirations are unsurprisingly driven towards tech, more specifically Silicon Valley," the report says. It’s no surprise that millennials would want to work for Google. The company consistently takes the top spot on rankings of the best companies to work for. Google offers employee perks like college-tuition reimbursement, fully paid sabbaticals, and time off for volunteering. Parents get 12 weeks of fully paid maternity or paternity leave, too.