Microsoft demos a high performance 1ms touchscreen

Whenever a new tablet gets released the main question that gets asked about its touchscreen is “what’s the resolution?” It seems to be taken for granted that the capacitive touch display will just work, and we all accept a certain amount of finger lag when using it.
The reason for this is the typical latency of a touchscreen is around 100ms. That’s why if you are drawing quickly on the screen your finger gets ahead of what is happening on the display. Is that acceptable? Microsoft thinks not.
Paul Dietz works in the Applied Sciences Group at Microsoft, and he’s been working on improving the latency of touchscreens. What they have achieved is to decrease the latency of a touch panel down to just 1ms. That’s fast enough to keep up with the quickest finger movements.
The video above gives a great demonstration of the difference the super low latency makes. Even at 10ms the lag is noticeable, but 1ms makes it as close to perfect finger tracking as it will ever get.