Microsoft and GE creating new health care company in Seattle region, employing 750 to start

The new venture between Microsoft and GE Healthcare requires regulatory approval. The company doesn’t yet have a name. It would be established next year with about 750 employees to start, a Microsoft spokesman confirmed tonight. Employees will be drawn from GE, Microsoft and elsewhere.
Michael J. Simpson, a GE executive, will be the chief executive of the new company, according to a New York Times report that broke the news of the joint venture.
The new joint venture between Microsoft and GE will be “aimed at improving healthcare quality and the patient experience,” writes Nate McLemore, general manager of the Microsoft Health Solutions Group, in a post tonight.
Peter Neupert, who heads Microsoft’s health initiatives, is retiring from the company. Neupert, the former CEO, returned to Microsoft in 2005 and has worked at the company for a total of 18 years.
“As a recent empty-nester, Peter is interested in rebalancing his work and personal time,” said Lou Gellos, a Microsoft spokesman. “Peter will remain a full-time Microsoft employee through January 2012 and will subsequently work as a consultant to assist with the transition.”
The new company will “combine Microsoft’s deep expertise in building platforms and ecosystems with GE Healthcare’s experience in clinical and administrative workflow solution,” Microsoft’s McLemore writes, adding that the joint venture will “will develop and market an open, interoperable technology platform and next-generation clinical applications that will help enable better population health management.”