Mass Effect 3 Demo Multiplayer Now Open to Everyone

By now, you’ve probably blasted your way through Mass Effect 3’s single-player demo so many times that you’ve lost track of reality and started a series of paradoxically polygamous favoritism relationships with local shopkeepers. They want to believe that you’ll remain faithful, but make no mistake: they see the truth in your wandering eyes. However, if you’d like to curb your Shepard-based psychosis, you can now play as some Other Guys (probably not starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg) aiding in the war effort via a fully unlocked multiplayer demo. Basically, it’s Horde mode with a glossy coat of sci-fi paint and the purring engine of an RPG. So that’s my bit. Now get to playin– hey, are you wearing new shoes? I think they might be my favorites on the Citadel.