Living to 90 and beyond is mostly within your control

Worldwide there are over 500,000 centenarians. By 2025, there should be a million centenarians and 2 million by 2040. This is before the changes that might occur with radically improved antiaging or aging reversal technology. In 2015, the United States has the most centenarians with current estimates as high as 72,000.
A health-conscious lifestyle can boost life expectancy to 90 and bring the odds of reaching 100+ up to about 0.5%

Assuming public health and other progress is the same then reaching 100+ could improve to about 0.5% by 2060.
Japan level life expectancy and health seems achievable by people who follow mostly best-known practice on diet and exercise.
Asian Americans currently have a higher life expectancy than people in Japan. Worldwide there are 700 confirmed supercentenarians (people who live to 110).
The total numbers of centenarians in Japan are second to the US Japan’s number has almost quadrupled in the last 10 years, making the centenarians population in Japan rising more dramatically than anywhere else.
Most anyone can follow a-seventh-day Adventist diet and exercise or an Okinawa diet and have a 50% chance to reach 90.
They follow a diet vegetarian diet, kosher diet (no pork or shellfish) or a diet with fish. There is no smoking.