Leap 3D motion control system is 100 times more accurate than Kinect, will cost $69.99

Motion control startup Leap Motion has demoed its Leap 3D motion control system, which can track motion to around 0.01mm accuracy — 100 times more accurate than the Kinect. Rather than taking Microsoft’s approach, Leap Motion creates a personal 3D workspace of about four cubic feet. The Leap consists of a small USB device with industry-standard sensors and cameras that, in tandem with the company’s software, can track multiple objects and recognize gestures.
In a demo given to CNET, Leap’s designers showed off OS navigation and web browsing using a single finger, writing, pinch-to-zoom, precision drawing, 3D modeling, and gaming. From what we can see, it looks to be a very precise system, capable of recognizing objects in your hands and tracking them instead of your digits. Leap Motion is releasing an SDK and also handing out free sensors to "qualified developers" that want to develop for the system.
Although Leap Motion is a startup, it has significant funding behind it, and the system is scheduled to launch early next year at $69.99. Leap will be compatible with either Windows or Mac OS X, and is available for (US-only) pre-order from the company’s website. We’ve embedded an official video showing off the Leap’s capabilities beneath, but you can head over to the source link below to watch an additional in-depth preview.