Khan Academy update

In 2011, one of the biggest innovations to come along in education was the Khan Academy, but as we kick off 2013, the question is, has the “next big thing in education” kept its sizzle or is it starting to fizzle? As a sort of highlight reel of all that has happened at the Khan Academy in 2012, let’s take a look at its progress and hopefully you’ll agree that its as hot as ever.
First up is growing the team. The question is, would an unconventional education organization that started a few years ago in a closet stay on the cutting edge or would it start hiring a bunch of educational bureaucrats?
Perhaps the answer can be found in something that Sal Khan said to Fast Company, ”Great people are attracted to great people and great visions.” In keeping with this philosophy, the staff has expanded this year to over 30 people in addition to interns and volunteers. Early in the year, the tech side got a big boost when Craig Silverstein — Google’s first hire and architect of its original search engine — came on board as a developer, bringing a broad set of skills honed during his 13 years at the company.