Japan’s Shimizu announced a plan to build an underwater city

Probably most people once had a thought about living underwater. This desire is partly realized through diving or watching the animals behind glass, but still no one seriously dealt with this idea. people still have not settled the whole land, so they don’t need to think about these kind migrations.
Most of the land on Earth is not densely populated and, therefore, most of the people are not thinking of such solutions. On the other hand, Japanese regularly have trouble finding living space for their huge population and the limited space they have on their islands such as Okinawa. So it is no wonder that such a scheme for the underwater city came from Japanese company called Shimizu.
Shimizu Corporation is a leading architectural, civil engineering and general contracting firm in Japan, offering an integrated, comprehensive planning, design and build solutions for a broad range of construction and engineering projects worldwide.
Shimizu visualized the underwater life in a way that the main part of the “city” is represented by a dome, which has glass and metal construction deep in the ocean. It should be connected to the bottom by means of anchor-shaped spiral. The dome should be 800 meters in diameter, and it can inhabitable by 5,000 people. The dome should be a hotel, residential apartments, and commercial premises.
According to Shimizu, “About 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered with ocean while the ocean is 80% deep water. Deepwater offers huge potential for effective and appropriate insurance cycles and processes in the Earth’s biosphere. Unfortunately, we still have to do to use this potential. This great concept uses the advantage of the infinite possibilities of deep water through vertical integration of air, sea surface and bottom of the sea. “