Iris scanner makes all of those pesky passwords obsolete

Remembering passwords for all of your tech devices and accounts is a real pain. You can get a nifty fingerprint scanner built in to everything from your laptop to your iPhone, but those aren’t usually considered secure enough to replace an old-fashioned typed password or PIN.
Iris recognition is far more secure, but until now the technology has been too expensive for use outside of large corporations and governments, or on the fictional set of NCIS.
With the Myris eye scanner being launched at CES this week, you set up a profile containing all of your stored passwords, then teach the dongle to recognize your eyeball in a process that takes just a few seconds. From that point forward, you can use the Myris to unlock everything from your bank accounts and social networking sites to your tech devices themselves.
Myris maker EyeLock says that the dongle is just the initial implementation of their technology, and that the ultimate goal is to build the technology into future products, eliminating the need for an external scanner. The software running Myris has been certified by FIDO (Fast Identify Online Alliance), which should help hardware manufacturers feel confident about using it in their products. This sounds like it’s leading to a future where we’ll no longer need to remember passwords, but if you can’t stand to wait much longer, Myris will be available within a few months for between $200-300.