iPhone 5S Confirmed and It Should Be Here on September 20th

Rumours cropping up over the weekend, as we were all taking it easy, suggest that Apple’s steadfastly sticking with its “iPhone 5S” naming scheme, which would make total sense if there’s an iPhone 5C popping up soon too.
 Meanwhile, according to an alleged holiday blackout for Apple staffers, at least one new iPhone should be here around September 20th.

A network gaffe in Japan spat out the iPhone 5S moniker, which along with all the other 5S rumours pretty much confirms Apple’s sticking with numbers and letters for the iPhone, rather than dumping them entirely like the iPad. At least that should make things a bit more straightforward when you’re trying to work out which phone is which, than the one “it’s just iPhone” to rule them all.

Apple staffers have had their holiday requests blocked, as it’ll apparently be all hands on deck between September 15th and 29th. The holiday blackout happens every year around the time of the next generation iPhone launch, as Apple pulls in all its staff to help prepare stores, train them up on new support issues, and to handle the immense deluge of rabid fanboys clamouring at the doors on launch day.

We don’t know the precise day, of course, but going on how things have progressed from announcement to availability in the past, coupled with the holiday blackout, it’s a fair bet you’ll be able to get your grubby little mitts on the iPhone 5S, and maybe the iPhone 5C, on September 20th. Oh the choice will be terribly hard, I’m sure.