Intel shows off its Knights Corner one teraflop chip

The firm showed off the chip, dubbed Knights Corner, on a test machine at a supercomputing conference in Seattle.
Computer power on this scale is used to solve a range of problems in fields such as weather forecasting, molecular modelling and car crash simulations.
The chip pits Intel against rival add-on processors from Nvidia and AMD.
Powerful computers
The Knights Corner chip acts as a co-processor – taking over some of the most complicated tasks from the computers central processing unit (CPU).
It packs more than 50 cores – or individual processors – onto a single piece of silicon.
The chip offers "double precision" processing which allows a greater amount of numbers to be represented at one time – resulting in faster calculations and more accurate forecasts.
Intel says the accelerator is also the first server processor to support full integration of the PCI Express 3.0 specification. The technology allows data to be transferred at up to 32 gigabytes per second to compatible devices – twice the speed of the previous generation.
"Collecting, analysing and sharing large amounts of information is critical to today’s science activities and requires new levels of processor performance and technologies designed precisely for this purpose," said Rajeeb Hazra, Intel’s general manager of technical computing.
"Having this performance now in a single chip… is a milestone that will once again be etched into HPC [high performance computing] history," he added.