If You Must Wear Your Tech, Try Not To Look Like An Idiot

Gut instinct tells us we’re turning into cyborgs, which is either terrifying or great, depending on how you see it.
Maybe we will become more efficient, fit versions of ourselves, or maybe we are simply setting ourselves up for the government to steal a new wealth of personal information. As Sarah wrote, the future of wearable tech is nearly impossible to predict, even for those most involved in its development.
These are big concerns. But I have another one: that your wearable tech is making you look like a tool.
An unofficial poll of five TechCrunch writers and editors revealed little faith in finding decent-looking wearables.
If wearable tech companies are going to proliferate and incorporate themselves into our daily lives, they should start hiring fashion directors. Heckled as it is, Google Glass has reportedly made the smart move of talking with Warby Parker about infusing its kickass design aesthetic (and name) into future glasses. What I want to see is wearable tech that accommodates my taste, rather than making me redefine what I would be willing to wear. Unless I’m going for a swim, I don’t want plastic around my wrist.
Mainstream wearable tech is in its early stages. If it’s going to catch on, it needs to step up its design game now.