If Redstones tech is real, well have cheap and ultrafast wireless Internet everywhere

Born from technologies developed for the military and NASA, Redstone claims it can deliver extremely fast, gigabit wireless Internet access in a way that will transform the telecommunications industry.
Others have tried and failed, but Redstone says its single wireless switch can cover a 3-mile bubble in any direction, providing Internet connectivity to entire cities.
For nearly a decade, Anderson has been working on a wireless data transfer technology that he describes as a new physical layer (a fundamental layer of digital communications known as “Layer 1″ in network terminology). Redstone has embedded the technology in a chip, dubbed the Redstone PHY Engine. Each chip can talk to other chips in a peer-to-peer networking model. It overcomes barriers by creating a new kind of signal that won’t degrade over a distance, Anderson claims.
Anderson has a small team working with him, all of whom joined the company based on the promise of this vision. Steve Tsuruda, a veteran of nine tech startups and Redstone’s head of business development, says the existing 802.11 wireless networking and 4G cellular data technologies are dead-ends.
“This is a new paradigm for business,” Tsuruda told us. “New companies will emerge. New billionaires will be created.”