How to watch everything in 3D

Gene Dolgoff has developed a converter called 3-D Vision that he claims will instantly transform any 2-D video content — from TV to video games — into 3-D, using algorithms that present stereoscopic image pairs and give the illusion of depth, PandoDaily reports.
His crowdsourced Fundable 3-D Vision project (for design of the box) has reached more than half of its $10,000 goal in only four days.
The first generation of 3-D Vision will require glasses, but Dolgoff says he has a prototype in development that works without glasses.
Dolgoff invented digital projection and the world’s first LCD projector in 1984, according to Wikipedia and has more than 65 patents granted worldwide. In an interview on the 74th episode of the netcast “Home Theater Geeks,” Dolgoff said was the one who suggested the Holodeck idea to Gene Roddenberry.