How Google+ is undermining your privacy at work

In just two years, all Google-owned services have been linked to your Google+ identity, from YouTube and Gmail to Drive, Blogger, Google Play, and even web search.
These accounts, more conjoined than ever before, are now able to programmatically create a fuller profile about you — what you read, what you watch, what you write, and what you click — all based on a single unified identity.
And if you use Google Hangouts, you’re also giving up information on private conversations, work meetings, team members, relationships, etc.
For Google and its advertisers (and the NSA), it’s a dream machine. But for individuals and companies, it’s a bit of a conundrum at best.
For companies that run on Google Apps, including Drive, Search, and Gmail, these unified identities create a rather invasive view into everything an employee does, including personal email and search conducted from work devices.
Going beyond an individual view, Google+ also links together an enormous body of information about each company using Google Apps. While this company info might not be useful to Google itself, now-common knowledge would indicate that information can and will be used by the government at any time and for just about any reason.