Have Scientists Finally Discovered a Cure For Tooth Decay?

Some Chilean researchers might have just put the humble toothbrush out of business. They’ve found a molecule that nukes the bacteria that cause cavities in just 60 seconds, and it can be put in gum or just about anything.
The molecule, Keep 32, kills Streptococcus mutans within 60 seconds, stopping it from rotting your teeth. The beauty is that it can be included in all manner of products, from toothpaste, mouthwash or a dental cream that can be slapped on over night, to a gum, sweets, or other type of chewy food that stays in your mouth for more than 60 seconds.
I don’t know about you, but I really like the idea of a mouthwash, or even gum that you can chew for 60 seconds to nuke the bacteria and clean your teeth better than a brush. Apparently the Chileans are currently in talks with the likes of Colgate and P&G, so hopefully we’ll see this on shelves soon. I’m not sure whether it’ll do anything for your stinky breath, mind you, but at least your teeth won’t rot.