Google to launch touch capable Chromebook by the end of 2012

Google will launch a 12.85-inch Chrome OS touch-controlled notebook for own-brand sale, with Taiwan-based Compal Electronics responsible for OEM production and Wintek supplying touch panels, the Chinese-language Commercial Times (CT) has cited Taiwan-based supply chain makers as indicating.
Besides the presence of a touchscreen, we know nothing about the rest of the hardware. However, Chromebooks have always been very affordable (recent Acer Chromebook is $200) and even with the addition of a touch panel, we don’t think that will change drastically.
Google’s Chrome OS already includes a touchscreen keyboard, which means that it shouldn’t be too difficult to add a touch-centric interface to the operating system, especially with Google’s experience with Android. The company has launched two Chromebooks from Acer and Samsung in recent months, but a third, touch-capable version would send a different signal.
For one, it would also mean that both Microsoft and Google see a future in touchscreen laptops.