Google reinstates ‘forgotten’ links after pressure

After widespread criticism, Google has begun reinstating some links it had earlier removed under the controversial "right to be forgotten" ruling. Articles posted online by the Guardian newspaper were removed earlier this week, but have now returned fully to the search engine. Google has defended its actions, saying that it was a "difficult" process.
"We are learning as we go," Peter Barron, head of communications for Google in Europe, told the BBC. Speaking to Radio 4’s Today programme, he dismissed claims made on Thursday that the company was simply letting all requests through in an attempt to show its disapproval at the ruling. "Absolutely not," he said. "We are aiming to deal with it as responsibly as possible.
"The European Court of Justice [ECJ] ruling was not something that we welcomed, that we wanted – but it is now the law in Europe and we are obliged to comply with that law." He said Google had to balance the need for transparency with the need to protect people’s identity.