Google Maps rapidly rockets to the top of the iPhone App Store

Life must be tough for Apple right now.

Just hours after Google Maps landed on iOS, the app has already climbed to the top of Apple’s App Store. The event is a major salt-in-the-wounds moment for Apple, which is getting bested by a competitor on its own turf.

But is this really any real surprise? Reception to the launch of Maps has been hugely negative, and though Apple has made some real improvements to the software, it’s clear that a lot of iOS users still don’t trust it.

Google Maps, on the other hand, comes with features like Street View and public transit directions, automatically make it an attractive option for those burned by Apple’s Maps.

One early Google Maps downloader sums it up well: “I’m so glad I do not have to deal with that awful Apple Maps. Thank you GOOGLE!”
I’m sure a lot of other iOS users would say the same.