Google Glasses?

The noob “Google Glass or Google Glasses” question sounds like it’s about to get tougher to answer: Google Glass is going bi.

Sergey Brin is listed as one of the inventors of a binocular Google Glass device that the Mountain View company recently patented. It doubles the amount of virtual vision space that it can overlay in an augmented reality display and uses laser-positioning beams to fine-tune image alignment on what in most cases will be a curved and sometimes flexing surface: the inside of the glasses’ lens.
Essentially, if the glasses change shape for any reason, the image will warp, and this will compromise your user experience. It’s yet another example of how the most amazing inventions — full-scale augmented reality in a pair of glasses — can have issues with the simplest of problems: Our heads are not all the same shape or size.

But Google is sweating the details in a very Apple-like way to ensure Glass will have a great user experience whether you use one eye or two.