Google Aiming To Be A Wireless Carrier

Google’s new venture brings new meaning to the term "Google wants to take over the world." It is clear that the company has its fingers in too many pies and is not satisfied with being just an internet search giant.
What if one of these days a new wireless network pops up in the zone with the Google logo attached, wouldn’t that be something? Well, as it turns out, Google is indeed making plans to start its own wireless network, one that would compete directly with Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. It is said the search giant has been in talks with satellite TV provider, Dish Network in recent weeks and both companies are looking to bring forth a new wireless network.

People close to the discussion between the two companies have indicated that the talks are not yet in the advanced stages, and could amount to nothing but a bunch of ideas going back and forth.
Google isn’t the only company that Dish Network has held discussions with, it is apparently looking for multiple partners that could be a good addition to the team and could potentially bring some serious competition to the likes of Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and T-Mobile.
If it so happens that Google becomes part of this venture, one question will inevitably arise, how would other networks view Google and its Android platform? It is possible that a move like this could affect Android’s fortunes as the wireless networks may consider backing the likes of Windows Phone due to Google’s threat to their livelihood.
The FCC may find itself in the thick of things with anti-trust allegations thrown at Google for its world domination ambitions.
One thing is certain, there will be a wireless network with Google aboard, if it isn’t any time soon, it will definitely happen sometime in the future.