A new outdoor game for photographers and travelers

GeoSpy is an outdoor, browser based mobile game that combines geographic locations and maps with photography and gamer spy skills. Now, some months from the start of, there are thousands of photos and objects from all over the world. To play, the game requires a camera and a mobile GPS device.
Gamers have several aims in the game, but the primary one is that they need to find, secure and create an object. For each secured or created object, the gamer will getting a point and the accumulated points can take you to the top spot. However that’s not the only way to gain points, you can ensure that the objects created by you are interesting enough such that others like and recommend it. One way to do this is by adding a high quality picture of the object.
The object creation requires the gamer to have complete knowledge about the location including the GPS coordinates and the photos. Similarly, any object can be secured by taking an image of the object taken by an earlier spy for that object. As a gamer, you can also rate the objects from other spies.
 Some user experiences
Users like that the game is simple and with clear graphics. One of the gamers, known as MasterSpy, described his experiences.“I have been a GeoSpy for only a very short time, but I am having the most fun of my life. Traveling, photographing objects, experimenting with different things in creating new descriptions, all contribute to a very high enjoyment of life.”
Another gamer, DrakMrak, stated: “I have to say that GeoSpy is quick, easy and very intuitive. It is very easy to use. Interesting statistics and ratings and fight for the first place on the objects really contribute to game play.” GeoSpy game seems to be a great motivation for trips and visits to different, interesting places, just as it was originally intended – to take people outdoors.