General Fusion targets prototype by 2015 and a working reactor by 2020

Canadian Manufacturing has an article covering General Fusion. General Fusion is creating a prototype and subsystems at full scale. They have made a full scale plasma injector that create the magnetized targets and individual full scale pistons. They have made a one meter diameter sphere with 14 pistons to demonstrate the symmetry of the compression.
They recently closed on another round of funding for $19.5 million

Magnetized Target Fusion is a fusion concept that first showed promise in the 1970s, but has gone mostly unexplored in recent years. General Fusion believes that a power plant based on its technology could be built at a much lower cost than using conventional magnetic and laser fusion approaches. Such a power plant would make fusion a commercially viable clean power source. This funding round comes on the heels of General Fusion achieving the first milestone in its Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) project, undertaken in collaboration with Los Alamos National Laboratory.