Eye movements could be our new passwords

The amount of different future password methods seems to be growing at an exponential rate, but this is easily one of my favorites. I think mostly because it requires me to do nothing but look. This method traces your eye movements and uses them as a password.
Turns out that different folks move their eyes in different sequences, and no two people move their eyes about the exact same way. Texas State University-San Marcus computer scientist Oleg Komogortsev is trying to take advantage of this by creating a system that identifies the way people flicker their eyes while viewing a computer.
Regular eye scanners have failed in the past because a photo of the correct eye would also work, so the technology Komogortsev is working on would be far more secure.
It would measure "fixations," which is when the eye lingers, and it would measure "saccades," which are the movements your eyes make when it switches between objects of focus.
At the moment, they predict it to be another year to three years before a working prototype hits the market. Nonetheless, it’s exciting to find a password-type system that actually seems secure.