Eric Schmidt Claims Google’s Data is Safe From NSA

Google has been very outspoken about the issue of the NSA having access to its private servers, but Google Chairman, Eric Schmidt, has made it clear that the information the tech giant has is safe from everyone, including the US Government. Speaking at South By Southwest, Schmidt expressed surprise that the NSA was able to bypass security.
Regarding government surveillance, he scathingly stated that The NSA gathered over 300 million phone records to find information on 53 people. One of whom was maybe a terrorist.”
Surprisingly Schidmt didn’t have very nice things to say about the likes of Julian Assange and others who dedicate themselves to leaking classified data, either. He commented on the developing celebrity culture surrounding whistleblowers, and emphasised that there are plenty of negative consequences to "random people leaking large amounts of random data." Despite that, Schimdt acknowledged that these leaks tend to occur because of information that is unnecessarily classified.