Elon Musk donates $10M to keep AI beneficial

Musk, who warned that “we need to be super careful with AI. Potentially more dangerous than nukes,” said there is a “consensus that AI research is progressing steadily, and that its impact on society is likely to increase.” A list of leading AI-researchers have signed an open letter calling for research aimed at ensuring that AI is beneficial, doing what we want.
“It’s wonderful, because this will provide the impetus to jump-start research on AI safety”, said AAAI president Tom Dietterich. ”This addresses several fundamental questions in AI research that deserve much more funding than even this donation will provide.” The $10M program will be administered by the Future of Life Institute, a non-profit organization whose scientific advisory board includes AI-researchers Stuart Russell and Francesca Rossi.
”I love technology, because it’s what’s made 2015 better than the stone age,” says MIT professor and FLI president Max Tegmark. ”Our organization studies how we can maximize the benefits of future technologies while avoiding potential pitfalls.”