Dr. Daniel Kraft discusses future medical technologies

Exponential growth in technology is par for the course at Singularity University, the future oriented institution founded by Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis located at NASA Ames in Silicon Valley.
 Few fields are developing as quickly as health and medicine, which is why in May of 2011 SU launched a specialized Executive Program called FutureMed. Focused on accelerating trends such as regenerative medicine, artificial intelligence, and genomics, FutureMed gives attendees a unique perspective on the disruptive changes coming to the medical field.
 FutureMed returns in 2012 from February 6th to 11th , there are still some spots to apply for and there are a few academic and student partial scholarships available. Singularity Hub spoke with Dr. Daniel Kraft, stem cell pioneer, Medical Chair at SU, and Director of FutureMed. He provides compelling insight into how Singularity University’s latest Executive Program is ready to continue shaping the medical minds of the future.