Desingineer: the mythical person every Startups are looking for

Of course, many a founders who have also asked me, keep saying, “we need a designer who can code in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and Python/Ruby.” My usual answer is, “you’re looking for a genius, you should try splitting it into (i) a designer who does HTML, CSS (ii) a programmer and (iii) perhaps even a separate Javascript coder.”
As Chris mentioned, someone who is good (let’s not even consider awesome) in both worlds of design and development are either mythical or very rare. They’re doing something on their own, are already kicking ass and are not available.
I had the privilege to have worked with few of such geniuses and they’re doing very good on their own. I’ve tried my hands on both worlds but never came close to being that good, leave alone being a genius.
If you find someone, who is even close to, or comfortable striding in these two world of designing and development, give them everything they need and have them on your side. They’re some the rarest breed.