Data jam threat to UK mobile networks

As more people use broadband-connected smartphones and tablets, the amount of data Britons consume on the move each month has hit 20 million gigabytes. The main reason for the data explosion is users’ love of video, TV and films while on the move. Without swift action, mobile networks will gradually grind to a halt, warned the agency.
If current trends play out, said Ofcom, demand for mobile data would grow by 80 times by 2030. To cope with the data tsunami Ofcom has drawn up plans to release more radio spectrum and make the industry’s use of existing spectrum more efficient.
The 700MHz frequency band, currently used by digital terrestrial television, will be opened up to mobile services by 2018 as part of a global plan to harmonise frequencies for mobile users.
Digital television will eventually migrate to the 600MHz frequency under Ofcom’s plans.