Brain tumour treatment lagging behind

Treatment for brain tumours is "seriously lagging behind" that for other cancers, campaigners warn. Brain Tumour Research says the condition receives less than 1% of national funding for cancer research.
They warn 75% of those who die from the condition are under 75 and that brain tumours are one of the few conditions becoming much more prevalent. Cancer Research UK said research into brain tumours was a "key priority", so more patients could survive the cancer.
Brain tumours are the leading cause of cancer deaths in young people. While almost three quarters of brain tumour deaths occur in the under-75s, the comparable figure for cancer as a whole is 47%.
Prognosis after diagnosis is poor. Over half (58%) of people diagnosed with brain cancer die within a year compared with 5% for breast cancer, 35% for leukaemia and 7% for prostate cancer.
Brain cancer is also the leading cause of cancer deaths in children. Brain Tumour Research says that from 2002-12, total National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) spending was £4,515m – but of that, only £35m went to fund brain tumour research.
The charity says it wants the government, large cancer charities and the public to band together and significantly increase the investment into brain tumour research.