Bionic contact lens to project emails before eyes

A new generation of contact lenses that project images in front of the eyes is a step closer after successful animal trials, say scientists.
The technology could allow wearers to read floating texts and emails or augment their sight with computer-generated images, Terminator-syle.
Researchers at Washington University who are working on the device say early tests show it is safe and feasible.
But there are still wrinkles to iron out, like finding a good power source.
Currently, their crude prototype device can only work if it is within centimetres of the wireless battery.
And its microcircuitry is only enough for one light-emitting diode, reports the Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering. 
But now that initial safety tests in rabbits have gone well, with no obvious adverse effects, the researchers have renewed faith about the device’s possibilities.