Avegen Health, a company that builds patient-facing apps

Dr Nayan Kalnad is the CEO and co-founder of Avegen Health, a company that builds apps for those living with long-term conditions. Avegen Health has created a cloud-based platform, HealthMachine, that clients can use to design bespoke apps for specific health conditions. The apps are used by over one million patients across 14 countries. This is an extract from his interview (https://www.uktech.news/news/founder-interviews/avegen-health-founder-20221125).

What funding advice would you give to a first-time founder?

If it’s possible, delay raising external funding for as long as possible. This means you can retain control and set your own pace, as you figure out what your company or idea is truly going to need. Figuring out product market fit is really challenging and can take a lot of time and energy. Only raise funds when the time is right and you can go into the process with clarity and confidence.

How do you prevent burnout?

No one is immune to burnout and there’s no magic formula for preventing it, but there are things I find helpful in keeping burnout at bay. Firstly, I remind myself that I am fallible and that mistakes are opportunities to learn. I also try to get a lot of regular exercise, which helps massively. And, finally, it’s knowing to seek out professional help if things are getting overwhelming.

Which nascent technology holds the most promise?

Augmented reality (AR) – it will bring the world closer. In healthcare specifically AR will lead to novel means of supporting individuals with long term conditions and getting clinical expertise to where it needs to be, quickly and seamlessly.