At CES, a Preview of Tomorrows Wearable Computers

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas isn’t just a place to see new products from gadget giants like Samsung and Sony; it’s also a place to see small companies with disruptive ideas that become big consumer technologies in the future.
This year, several of the most promising small exhibitors were showing off technology that could free us from having to peer down at our mobile devices—glasses that can overlay digital data onto the world around us.
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One of those companies was Lumus Optics, based near Tel Aviv, Israel. It demonstrated prototype glasses that display translucent, almost opaque imagery that fills the wearer’s view like a 10-foot-wide TV two feet in front of his face. Ari Grobman, business development manager for Lumus, told Technology Review that his company was working with "a number of top 10 consumer device companies" interested in commercializing the technology. He said nondisclosure agreements prevented him from saying more.