Asus Undercutting Google With Super Budget 7 inch Tablet?

A new, lower-spec Asus tablet has been spotted, offering the same 7″ form factor as the company’s Nexus 7, only skimping on the internal power so the maker can sell for an even lower price.

The tablet, which is known as the Asus ME-172V, has been spotted out in Africa, where it’s listed with a 1024×600 resolution capacitive display, a single-core VIA WM8950 processor working alongside 1GB of RAM, and version 4.0 of Google’s Android OS. The model seen so far includes 8GB of onboard storage and SD card support, so while being a bit of a step backward on the processor side of things, it beats the Nexus 7 on that one level at least.

It may well be a budget model for countries not so obsessed with always having the highest-spec things imaginable, or it may be the new attempt at storming the tablet world with an incredibly low asking price, now Asus has made its name with the Nexus. We’ll see