Are Valve Gaming Goggles The Next Big Thing in PC Hardware?

Would you wear this to play games? Would you wear this if it cost, say, £149 and came with a free copy of Half-Life 3 in the box? Oh yes, excited now, eh? It could happen too, in some distant future, as this bonkers headset is one of PC publisher Valve’s long-rumoured pieces of hardware.
A reporter from the New York Times was granted an exclusive go on Valve’s insane immersion goggles, which were revealed as part of a tour around the gaming giant. Little is said about what actually powers them, if they’re 3D, what they run and so forth, but it’s still an exciting teaser into the creative world of Valve and the various prototypes it has knocking about.
Valve’s previously denied rumours of a move into hardware (despite still advertising hardware-related jobs), although it’s been very keen to push the idea of a future in which our lives are dominated by wearable computing. It just needs to work on the design a little.