Apple patches Siri

We all know the Siri says some funny things, but it looks like Apple wasn’t a fan of the automated assistant’s response to the question "What is the best smartphone ever?" The Next Web spotted that the assistant offered up the Lumia 900 as an answer to the question last week, but Apple has acted quickly and changed the response. You’ll now be told that the answer is indeed the iPhone 4S, with responses like "the one you’re holding" and "you’re kidding, right?" The issue was due to Siri’s heavy reliance on Wolfram Alpha (its searches represent 25 percent of all Wolfram queries), which chose the Lumia 900 as the best smartphone due to a catalog of four different five-star reviews. If you search Wolfram Alpha independent of Siri you’ll still be told that Nokia’s offering is the best, so Apple appears to have simply told its beta assistant to ignore the "knowledge engine" for this particular query.