Another augmented reality glasses design emerges

EPFL scientists in the Laboratory of Photonic Devices are developing a prototype of a pair of augmented-reality glasses that are similar to Google Glass.
A mini-projector on the frames projects a holographic image on the lens.
One technical challenges is to allow the user to simultaneously see the information displayed on the lenses — which are too close to the eye for it to be able to focus naturally on it — as well as see their surroundings.
The researchers say they solved this problem by developing a specially designed contact lens with a micro-lens in its center that allows the eye to focus on the images.
“This technology has many advantages,” says EPFL professor Christophe Moser. “It provides high-definition, precise images. And unlike other models of the same kind, it conserves the entire field of vision and allows us to use existing eyeglasses design. It would be possible to make glasses that don’t require the use of contact lenses, but the high definition would be somewhat reduced.”