Android Based Game Console Closing Out Record Breaking Kickstarter Campaign

Tired of feeling boxed in by your game console? Then rush over to Kickstarter and get ready to throw your money at the screen. Ouya (pronounced “ooo-yah!”), the widely publicized new platform, is an open game console built on Android that supports free-to-play games and is getting close to completing its campaign to take its prototype to production scale.
For only $99, backers will receive their own Ouya console and one controller scheduled to be delivered in March of next year.
Less than three days remain in the record-breaking project and backers have raised close to $7 million to disrupt the game console market. Once posted on Kickstarter, it raised $1 million in less than 9 hours and $2.5 million after its first day, knocking crowdfunded gaming’s poster child Double Fine out of top place.
Even before crossing the project’s finish line, Ouya has made deals to deliver content from live video streaming company Twitch TV, OnLive (delivering games like Final Fantasy), Clear Channel’s live streaming radio service iHeartRadio, and Vevo, which has had great success with delivering music videos on YouTube. Ouya even has its first exclusive gaming content, prequel episodes to Human Element from Robotoki.
It’ll even have Minecraft.
Perhaps you can see the appeal of the new console with their intriguing pitch: