Alzheimer’s Disease Could Possibly Be Caused By Faulty Brain Cells

In a recent study, researchers found that Alzheimer’s disease could be a product of damaged cell structures. In a laboratory findings shows that healthy neurons are supposed to sort out and get rid of faulty brain cells, with no severe side effects. However, this does not always happen.
This process is normally beneficial for the human brain. But for the cases of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s there might be a an error during the process. The process is supposed to protect neurons, however, it seems that what was happening is the opposite. Instead, it is causing damage to healthy brain cells around it.

What Happens Inside The Brain Cells?
Scientist were able to grasp on how the process of eliminating toxic cellular substances works internally inside a cell. However, the scientist were not able to discern about how the toxins are disposed externally. Scientists described it and explained that it is like taking out the daily garbage. People sort the garbage and take it outside for garbage day, however, if the garbage they took out will not be collected by the garbage truck it would cause severe problems.
According to the Science Daily, by using a transparent roundworm called C. elegans that has similar molecular function, genetics and form to those with humans, has an external garbage removal mechanism. The roundworm used has a lifespan of about three weeks. And its external garbage removal mechanism is getting rid of its toxic proteins outside the cell as well. The researchers found that roundworms engineered to produce human disease proteins associated with Huntington’s disease and Alzheimer’s. It threw out more trash consisting of these neurodegenerative toxic materials. While brain cells around it are being harmed. And other cells prowl other portions of the diseased proteins.
Keeping Your Brain Healthy
The recent Alzheimer’s disease drug has failed to cure the disease. For the mean time several studies suggest ways to prevent acquiring Alzheimer’s disease by keeping your brain healthy. Studies suggest a healthy diet and brain-boosting foods may do the trick.
According to the Fox News, here are examples of brain-boosting food. Beans, could help decrease brain shrinkage entirely. A daily cup of coffee that has antioxidants that reduces inflammation and high caffeine level could reduce chances of having Alzheimer’s Disease for people age 65. Chocolate also reduces inflammation. Peanuts are well known to be brain-boosting food. It contains contain Resveratrol, helped reduce beta-amyloid plaque formation in mice’s brains.
Food rich in vitamin E like sunflower seeds its antioxidant can help neutralize free radicals and combat oxidative stress. Combining tea with exercise it will improve behavior and cognition in mice with the brain disease. These are suggested diet to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease, however scientists are still working on an actual cure.