4 Ways Tech Has Revolutionized Our Social Interactions

Technology has changed the way we live, play, do business and socialize. Changes in how we socialize are interesting in particular, as there is a marked difference in how people interact with each other in the last ten years. Let’s explore some of the transformational ways technology has revolutionized our social interactions. 
1. Social Media
Perhaps the most obvious and significant way technology has impacted our social lives, social media is now intrinsically tied to how we communicate with others. Whether it’s creating an event on Facebook to invite others to a party, sharing photos of what we are doing on Instagram or posting cool craft ideas on Pinterest, these are all new ways of interacting with our friends, family and customers. We now learn about how friends, near and far, are doing via their feeds and can message them via instant messaging whether they’re on the computer or looking at their smartphone. We can get input from others instantaneously, no matter how far away they are, which is nothing short of revolutionary.
2. Real-Time Video Communication
At one point, technology like Skype was something from science fiction, not reality. Now, people can have video conversations with each other in real time from across the planet. This has been not only revolutionary on a personal level, but also on a business level, where coordination with different locations and teams has been made considerably easier and more convenient. It even allows people to work remotely or for themselves when it was unprecedented previously.
3. Smartphones
Being the combination of a telephone and a computer, small enough to put in your pocket, and between texting, apps and social media, smartphones have changed the way we interact with people both in-person and remotely. They allow users to look something up that comes up in a conversation, share information or take photos and videos of gatherings far more easily, making us more interconnected than ever before. They also allow us to communicate with people who couldn’t be at a gathering, as well as keep others informed when they are not present but something important is going on, via different methods such as texting, social media and instant messaging.
4. Video Games
Even video games, long considered a very solitary form of entertainment, have become a medium of social interaction in recent years. Thanks to present and stable Internet connections, players now can play with friends or complete strangers whenever they choose. Nearly all games offer a multiplayer option, if they are not online-based to begin with. People even broadcast themselves playing video games on sites like VideoGameBroadcasts.com. Many people make friends, form lasting relationships and even meet their spouses thanks to the online gaming community.
The subject of how technology has affected our social interactions is quite fascinating, and the trend will only continue. We’ll all just have to try and keep up.