Venture Capital Accelerating and Shifting to AI and Other Breakthrough Technologies

Global Venture capital for 2018 and 2019 has been about $200-250 billion. US Venture capital reached $130 billion. This surpassed the level in 2000 when it was $100 billion.

There is $9-10 billion per year funding Artificial Intelligence and $5 billion invested in space. These amounts have been increasing. There was $850 million invested into antiaging in 2018 and about $1-2 billion invested in antiaging in 2019. The exact amounts invested in rejuvenating antiaging depends upon how antiaging is defined.

The decade of 2000-2009 had about half of the average venture capital each year versus 2010-2019. The percentage of venture funding for breakthrough technologies is increasing. Overall global venture capital could increase to $400-500 billion each year for 2020-2029 and the breakthrough percentages should increase.

There could even be a faster rush if there are breakout companies in each of the areas. Massive SpaceX success or other space startups could create a boom like there was in internet stocks. This could also happen in AI and antiaging.