Orangutan population up but threats remain

Posted in Featured, Science on 6th Mar, 2016
by Alex Muller

Orangutans are the world's largest tree-climbing mammal - and Asia's only great ape.

Public contributions to science increasingly common

Posted in Featured, Science on 19th Jan, 2016
by Alex Muller

Biology and ecology have a long tradition of citizen science. Researchers relied on the public to observe and classify animal and plant species for over 100 years.

Loss of species biodiversity near melting Antarctic glaciers

Posted in Featured, Science on 17th Nov, 2015
by Alex Muller

Over the past five decades, temperatures have risen nearly five times as rapidly on the western Antarctic Peninsula than the global average.

Parasites Are Wiping Out Entire Honeybee Colonies

Posted in Featured, Science on 29th May, 2015
by Alex Muller

Although parasites have long been associated with colony collapse disorder, where entire hives are wiped out, only recently has the magnitude of the threat been realized.

Bee behaviour mapped by using tiny trackers

Posted in Science on 27th Mar, 2015
by Alex Muller

Understanding bee behavior is absolutely vital if we are to understand better why our bees are struggling and how we can reverse their decline.